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Wrestling Coaches Poll
Coaches from across Idaho have cast their votes. Who made the top five this week?
Published: 12/4/2020 12:43:52 PM


Poll Methodology
The Statewide Wrestling Coaches Poll is determined by a simple points system based on how each coach ranks the top five teams in their classification. A team receives five points for a first place vote, four points for a second place vote and so on down through the fifth place team, which receives one point. The rankings are set by listing the teams' point totals from highest to lowest.

Pts: Number of points scored in poll
Pvs: Ranking from the previous week

Wrestling Coaches Poll

Feb. 15, 2021

5A Classification

Rank Team Name (1st Place Votes)   Pts Pvs
1. Meridian (6)   30 1
2. Kuna
18 2
3 Post Falls
17 3
4 Coeur d'Alene   15 4
5. Highland
6 5

Also receiving votes: Rocky Mt

4A Classification

Rank Team Name (1st Place Votes)   Pts Pvs
1. Nampa (2)   14 t-1
2. Jerome (1)
13 t-1
3. Lakeland
8 3
4. Columbia
6 4
t-5. Blackfoot   2 5
 t-5. Minico   2 -

Also receiving votes: Century, Twin Falls, Minico, Caldwell.

3A Classification

Rank Team Name (1st Place Votes)   Pts Pvs
1. South Fremont (3)
22 1
2. Snake River (1)
19 2
3. American Falls (1)
13 4
4. Buhl
10 3
5. Weiser   6 t-d

Also receiving votes: Bonners Ferry, Gooding.

2A/1A Classification

Rank Team Name (1st Place Votes)   Pts Pvs
1. New Plymouth (5)   25 1
2. Ririe
20 2
3. Declo   14 3
4. Malad
7 5
5 Grace   3 4

Also receiving votes: Wendell, St Maries

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